Monday, December 13, 2010


So, bloggy readers, today Nashville schools had our first snow day. It was a wonderfully timed snow day, a perfect way to shorten the week immediately before Christmas break! On this break, I decided it was high-time I did an update...

I did Dickens Christmas in Franklin on Saturday with T&S and scored a couple of last minute gifts for Momma K then finished off with lunch at StoveWorks at the Factory and cleaning/cooking Saturday night. On Sunday, I had a baby shower for my best teacher-friend and it was a smashing hit. It did get a little dicey around 3pm when the snow finally started to stick. My 25ish guests pretty much slipped and slided from my house to all over Nashville. Teachers would call and be like "SEND EVERYONE HOME"--(Insert smattering of curse words)--"I just ran off the road. I have to call you back." I was pacing like a mama hen until I got the final text that everyone had arrived safely. I was going to a PD event on Sunday night, which was cancelled. I wanted to go to the Christmas music programs at either Brentwood Baptist or Grace, but they were cancelled, too.

We were the one of the last counties to call off, but I knew we would. Today was bliss. Even my non-teaching roommates stayed in, plus our one houseguest who couldn't make it home last night. I made banana nut muffins and just relaxed all morning. The roads cleared off enough so a roommate, some Nashville buddies, and I could make it out to OG for some late lunch of Zuppa Toscana at the luscious OG. Mmmm.... Then, I watched ABC Family "Christmas Cupid" (cute but risque for ABC fam) and "The Ugly Truth" (parts make me blush but I L-O-V-E Gerard Butler!). Now, I am headed to bed.

I just found out our school Christmas concert is still going to happen tomorrow night, so that will be something fun to look forward to. I'm also going to do lunch at Puffy Muffin and a movie before I head into school a little early. YAY YAY YAY!

It looks like we will have school Wednesday, but Thursday could be dicey since some kind of ice/snow/sleet mix is coming through Wed. night. Cannot believe this weather is coming through this early. It's also bitterly cold in Nashville! I think low of 4 degrees tonight! Brrr... Any way, we have a 1/2 day on Thursday, plus 12-5 PD and then PD on Friday. Then, it's home to BG and onto to Eastern KY for mom's side of the family's Christmas! Hopefully, there is no crazy weather and we can all make safely.

Lots of love and WARM wishes to you tonight! I'll keep you updated!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yay for November!

12 school days till Thanksgiving break! That is my current mantra. Last week was crazo with no school on Tuesday for election day/parent-conferences.

Two full weeks plus two days. Surely, I can make it.

This has been one of my happiest Saturdays in a long time. Today, I read two whole books, ate lunch at Puffy Muffin (quite possibly my favorite...), watched two movies, did two loads of laundry, and went to Target. What a happy day.

Tomorrow, starts wedding season for Lourdes!! Her first shower is at 2pm. I cannot believe her wedding is in January--it will be here before we know it!! I am just trying to decide which church service to go to and when would be the best time to go do work at school... Decisions, decisions.

Hope you have a lovely rest of your weekend and are pumped to "fall" back tonight!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The refreshing-ness that is Fall Break!

Oh fall break--
what happiness you make!
I love to sleep, vacation, and rest.
The timing in October happens just when it's best.
This FB, I went to Disney,
massage, the rides, Grand Floridian, incurred my family's envy.
Now, I'm back and it's Tuesday night.
Thinking about Sunday gives me a fright!
My main concern--oh, what will I do?
When I head back on Monday with the middle school crew...

Hope you are finding some time to rest this October. Fall is my favorite season, and I'm sitting up late watching episodes of House that I've missed and thinking how the rest of this week needs to continue to be refreshing body, mind, and soul.

October is widely held to be the most stressful/discouraging/ready to quit time for a teacher, so I'm hoping that with Fall Break's help, I can make it through. Lots of love!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ultimate Fail

So it's been over 1 month since I have written on this blog. It's really sad. This past month has been the hardest of my 23 years. Maybe that's a testament as to how relatively easy my life has been so far, but I have worked my tail off.

I have had days that were so horrible (a fight I couldn't break up that left me so shaken I closed/locked my door and sobbed) mixed in with days that went miraculously well. I have been bullied by parents, given countless hugs, and today one of my precious bees slung his arm around me and said "This is my teacher y'all." I have literally had to pray to get out of the car in the school parking lot several days because I just didn't want to go in. I have one class that even today completely walked all over me. I got a card from my 4th grade teacher that still makes me tune up to cry just writing about it. I have been so loved by friends and family, as for the first time in my life, I have struggled. There are teachers in my building who are so much better than me, and it's hard to watch them be more successful and feel like I am working harder. There are teachers in my building that the kids absolutely love. It is hard having some kids really not like me.

I mean, really not like. One of our vocab words this past week was loathe--to feel intense hate for... One of my bees used this sample sentence: I loathe Ms. Parsley. Nice. This little bee immediately told me they were just kidding. Hmm... Really made my day.

I have been pushing through and now have a weekend without a wedding or Saturday school. (AP's and CM's wedding were two high points during the month that helped keep me going!!!) I thought I should share.

Things are better (yesterday was awesome, today so-so), but thanks to all of you who texted, hugged, or loved on me during this month. I am so thankful to have so many blessings in my life. I will keep you posted. 14 days till fall break.

Lots of love, xoxo

Saturday, August 14, 2010

First day down!

We started school this past week, and it went pretty well. I mean, we only had students on Thursday and had professional development the other days. My little bees are still definitely pushing the limits, and there are times when I get super stressed. For instance, on Thursday, our classes were 70 minutes. During summer school, they were 50 minutes. In two of my classes, I completely ran out of things to do. I read aloud from Oh, The Places You'll Go and ad libbed about procedures. TERRIFYING to be a new teacher and not have an activity. 24 sets of eyes looking at you to tell them what to do next. Plus, with some of my classes that struggle behaviorally, I feel like I have to keep moving at a pretty fast pace, or I may have some kids acting out. However, the biggest issue I am having is finding the time to plan. I mean, planning is taking FOREVER. By the time I make classwork and homework and find reading passages, it has been 3 hours! And, I need a new plan for each day. This definitely is not sustainable, and I have to get better.

That is why I am trying to do better and plan right now. Ideally, I would like to get my whole week planned out on Sunday and then slightly modify the lessons as needed. It sounds so simple, but I am struggling. There are so many other things to do. I mean, I need to buy a copy of the Red Pyramid, put my summer school data into a tracker, fix a seating chart, and re-arrange my room to provide reading space. And this needs to happen by Monday. Plus, I mean I have church, family coming to visit, etc.

I am a little overwhelmed. Check that, I am a lot OVERWHELMED. At this point last year, I was depressed because I didn't have my own classroom and I was bored. I craved the stress and litte things that went with having your own classroom. I am trying to remember that as I swim through what seems like a never-ending to-do list. School is happy, but harder than last year. I am going to try to keep my head above water for the next couple of weeks until I get into a routine. Say a prayer!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

SHAMEfully neglected!

How can it possibly be 19 days since my last post? Ridiculous. I think it's a testament to how crazy my life has been. I know everyone has their own brand of crazy, but July has been even wilder than wedding season in full swing. Jeez la peez.

Anywho I have officially completed my first week as a real, grown-up teacher. My students seem to be doing okay, and I am making it. Definitely no miracle prodigy teacher, but I think I am getting better. My little bees didn't heckle me out of the room in tears, which I was a little afraid of. There are still lots of things I need to work on (pencil sharpener--why didn't someone tell me what a huge deal that was?!?!), including the fact I have a couple of bees who will just jump up in the middle of my lesson and start dancing. However, overall, I am feeling positive. That sentiment is after 7 days of instruction. Let me just say that no one can understand the EXTREME nervousness the night before and the morning of your first day of teaching. I was nearly irrational and shaking I was so nervous. I am not a crier, but I almost broke down the night before I was so freaked out. I was trying to pray through it, and I know God was watching out for me. But I was a nervous wreck...

Today, I finished up taking my Praxis tests (5th and final, as long as I passed!) and finished up my 6th certification/masters class. (4 classes to go!) Earlier this week, I submitted my portfolio to apply for certification. These were all huge projects that were really weighing on me. Whoosh. Now, SJ is married. M is about to be back from her summer job in Louisville, and LL is getting pumped up for WKU and rush. I have 5 more days of summer school! Woohoo!! Then, I get until August 7th off! The fam may even be planning a spontaneous vacay. I am suuuper pumped.

I am really enjoying this weekend. Today, I saw Despicable Me (in 3d), which was AWESOME and ate at Carraba's for the first time. This past week, I have been in survival mode. Up at 4:50 am, to school by 6 and home around 7pm. I am also getting to know (and love) two new roommates, so we have had some rommate time. With all that, plus the jazz i listed in the paragraph above, I have not had time to turn around, much less water my geraniums. Today, I finally caught up with EF and LW. Now, I need to send some RSVPs and mail some bills. Unfortunately, it's 11:30 pm, and I just got brownies out of the oven and am falling asleep. Woot woot for paryting on Saturday night!!

Sleep well!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to School, back to school!!

Yep, that's right. My school goes back July 1st. This has all ready been a crazy start, as I had to lead a professional development on school culture this past Thursday. Suuuuper stressful--my school's whole leadership team was there. I did okay--maybe a little too silly and definitely too fast. On Friday, we had professional development all day, then I was home in the BG all weekend. Our counselor strong-armed the principal into giving us today (Monday, 7/5) off. It has been fabu. I came back to Nash around noon and have been cleaning and doing odd jobs since then.

I also (FINALLY!) returned some emails that I've been meaning to send. I am mega-pumped that some good friends are going to visit in the next couple of weeks (EF, BC, and hopefully KB!)and trying to focus on that and the reason I'm teaching to stay positive. I mean, I'm not down, but I'm definitely a little bummed. Most of my other teacher friends are looking forward to another whole month of poolside relaxation and I am back to school. I mean, it's nice to get back into routine, but getting up and teaching in July is kind of an adjustment.

Our kids come July 12th, so we have 4 more days this week of just faculty and staff PD. This is nice since it gives me a chance to get my classroom ready and whipped into shape before I get my new little bees. I am excited but nervous about my first days legit teaching a whole class. Plus, our summer school schedule is pretty scary with only a 25 minute lunch break from 8-2pm. It's going to fly by.

On a different note, I am very excited to welcome 2 new roommates to my little Nashville abode. O and L moved on to greener pastures (and I miss them!), and L and T moved in! They seem awesome so far, and we are settling in together. It's interesting to see how 2 new people change up a house. Since the 4th and final roommate just moved in today, I will have to keep you posted on what things change.

In other news, LL got a job at a salon in BG which is verra verra exciting. It's a little out of her comfort zone, but I think it's good for her. EF is coming back to the US for awhile. So, July is shaping up to be a pretty awesome month even if I am working 8-5 the whole time. Maybe I'll burn a CD with "9-5" on it. I do love me some Dolly.

Happy Independence Day lovelies!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Home alone...

Why do I hate being home alone? Why do I get scared? It makes me sad that I can't even have faith in my own home. I mean, "He's got the whole world in His hands..." and I'm worried about myself. It's like I hear noises and start freaking myself out.

For example:
Oh, that delivery man was definitely a killer. He'll be back tonight.
Or, craigslist killer. I did give my address to the girl who never came or called.
Shaz. A serial killer (like Silence of Lambs) is going to come and get me...

I mean, the list goes on and on and gets more and more irrational. It is a running joke that I'm paranoid, and I know to some degree, God made me creative and able to see small details. However, I know that worry does not do any good.

As I'm home tonight (by myself), I think about some other things going on in my life. I think about being around some very sick people recently. I mean, very. These people are able to have faith and not be scared. Yet I am scared in my own home. What will I do when life really storms on me?

About six months ago, as I was talking about what I would do if a person held a gun on me, one of the people in the group (who had recently been mugged at gun point) asked me what I was so afraid of. It made me think. What am I so afraid of? Loss of control? Death? Losing someone I love? I mean, these are sad thoughts for bedtime, but it helps me to put everything in perspective. I need to be able to have peace in the good times (like right now) and the bad.

God, help me remember that you are always watching. No matter how much I allow myself to get freaked out, you are there. Everything is according to your plan.

Sleep tight bloggy friends. Say a prayer for this big baby! Back to school soon!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1 Down...

The first wedding of wedding season was perfect! I loved being able to watch (up close and personal) as my sister married JP. I am so excited about my new B-I-L, and it was such a wonderful day.

It really couldn't have been better, and I wouldn't change anything. (Well, except for getting some kind of gel insert for my wedding shoes.) We had so much fun.

Sunday was a very chill day and then on Monday, we moved M up to Louisville for her summer job. This made sweet Nadine (my mom) a littlle blue since two daughters were now more or less gone for the summer. We have all been a little off, not down necessarily, but just different. It was like the wedding took over our lives for the past year, and now it's over. You kind of don't know what to do. I think even SJP is a little bored on the honeymoon. She has been FBing me all the jobs she needs me to do. Somethings never change--no matter what country you're in.

I have to head back to Nashville tomorrow and next week for 1-2 days. Then, I'm back for good starting June 30th. This will be a HUUUGE adjustment for my mom since there will be 3 of us gone for the summer, which is usually our family time. LL is heading to WKU in August, and mom is seriously going to need a new project.

I am feeling a little more on top of things since my last post. I have spent pretty much all day today working at Panera in BG and have knocked out most of my paperwork requirements. Now, I'm staying ahead on my Lipscomb work before meeting my girlies (J, Sh, and Brit!) for dinner. Things are good.

Plus, huge answer to prayers--we have found a roommate! We may even have found 2! This is wonderful because it means I don't have to move. It also means I have no excuse to not beautify my house. I have several projects, including weeding, cleaning the garage steps, and (finally!) hanging pictures in my room to do before I head back to school. I am pumped on getting ahead of things and not stressing so much. July is going to be hard enough--starting TEACHING in the classroom, that I don't want additional drama.

Hope you're enjoying your Tuesday!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wedding Season==Full Swing

We are down to just over 48 hours before the big day. At 5:30 pm this Saturday, my oldest sister will be walking down the aisle. Here's praying I'm not in full boo-hoo mode when I see her. Oh my--last night we watched Father of the Bride. We were all blubbering--mom ended up having to leave the room to vacuum because she just couldn't handle it.

What do I want do? I want to go get wedding pedicures, spray tanned, and enjoy the next two days. What will I be doing? Well those things, PLUS more stuff. Not fun stuff.

I mean, I just want to do nothing but wedding/sisters/family. However, my blasted real life keeps intruding. I'm taking a Master's class at Lipscomb, and it's super easy. But having to find time to submit the feeble assignments (and wireless!) is not fun. On top of this, I am down 2 roommates. I am having to try to recruit from KY and may or may not have to sling out to a new house July 1st. Plus, I keep having teachers call me to want to talk school. And, just like that (without even a pause), I am SUCKED back in. I am now sitting at Panera. I should be at home sleeping in and enjoying this cloudy (restful) day with my sisters. But no, assignments and phone calls had to be done. I just spent THIRTY minutes talking to a teacher from work. In that time, my mom came to show me her new hair, a lady from church came in with her baby, and the BTB (bride to be) called me four times. What happened? DID I HANG UP?!?! DID I TELL HIM I WOULD CALL BACK?! No! I didn't. I couldn't, since I all ready put him off three days. (He originally called on Monday and then sent me an email on Wednesday to call me out on being shady!) I had to talk.

What happened during our 32 minute convo? Well, mom held the baby, mom rocked the baby, mom left, baby left, and SJ is not answering her phone.

Bleakness. I mean I am trying to stay positive but I want be OFF.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Ok, I am feeling better. Thanks for listening bloggy friends. Say a prayer that this MOH can keep her act together--at least until Post-I-Do. I will report back sometime next week.

P.S. On a huge upside, I thought this post deleted just now, but it was saved in my drafts. YAY!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Approaching the finish line -- or not?

My principal says all the time that you never really get to the finish line. You only have completed one leg of the marathon. Perhaps this is true. But I am still going to celebrate making it to this first finish--or benchmark, I guess I should say.

This first year has been really great. There have been a couple of low points (mainly revolving around my insecurities as a 1st year teacher), but overall it has been happy. I am so thankful for my little bees and all the fantastic people I work with. I find myself also getting more and more excited for next year. I am still nervous, but I have some great ideas.

It is Tuesday, and we dismiss for a half-day on Thursday. So really, after today, I have 1 and 1/2 days left in this school year. It's really crazy. Now, don't think I will be gone for a longgg summer break. Oh no--at my school, we report back for PD July 1st and summer term begins the 12th. Really I just have June (and all the weddings!!) to be off, and I plan on beginning my vacay Monday, May 31st. I will not think about school until at least June 15th. That's my goal anyway. That gets me through SJ's wedding, which will be the most stressful.

I do still have a couple stresses, mainly involving where I'm going to live next year. I am in a really happy place that's pretty cheap. However, two of my roommates are ready for a change, and one has asked me to move with her. No idea what I am going to do, but I need to decide pretty quickly. It's almost June, and our lease ends June 30. Hmmm...

So tomorrow we have school and Thursday involves farewells and an Awards Ceremony. Tonight I have an End of the Year party, too! The end of the year is happy, and even if it is not THE finish line--it is still A finish line. I think we should celebrate. :)

Hope you're having a lurrvely day wherever you are!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


As I'm sitting here across from one of my most difficult little bees, I am reminded of why I am here. This little bee epitomizes disrespect, frequently asking me "Can I go now?" "Do I have to?" He has also taken stickers and colored on my folders without permission. Mainly, he has just been a little ridiculous this 4th quarter since I have worked with him. He struggles with respect for women in general.

Anyway, we are doing our end-of-year testing. He has been reading for the last 20 minutes. This test involves listening to him read aloud, silent reading, and then comprehension questions. I didn't really think he cared what his level was--I thought he just wanted to get it over with. He came in and had to wipe his hands off on his pants. Then, he had to go to the bathroom. He was so nervous--he asked me a GAZILLION questions about what he should do. He read much more carefully than I have ever heard him read and has moved up a level. He is now attempting to move up another. He has unlimited time to do the silent reading (this was one of his first questions) and is reading each 2-3 page passage (about 7 regular book pages) 3 times! He wants to make sure he is ready for my questions.

This obviously means much more to him than I thought. It just goes to show that you never really know. I know most of my kids are invested, but this week has shown me how important reading has become to them. I have had countless requests to call parents, put names on my Reading Club posters, and make signs (!!!) for them to wear around for the day. They are precious, and I am so thankful.

This week of testing has been a blessing! Hope you have had a good week so far!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welp...FLOOD 2010

We were out of school all last week. On Thursday and Friday, the teachers had to report, but the kids missed ALL WEEK! And, crazily, we don't have to make it up because we were in a state of emergency. Isn't that insane? This has been the craziest weather year EVERRR! Thankfully, everyone is back in the swing of things. My poor, bedraggled high school teaching friends got their EOCs given (or are in the process), so we are moving forward.

Somehow, it is all ready Wednesday, and I feel like I just got back to Nashville. This past weekend SJ graduated with her Masters from UK. Woot woot. She is super pumped, bc now she can focus on the wedding. She also got a JOB for her 25th birthday, so she can rest easy and get pumped for the nuptials. Sunday was a wonderful Mother's Day, complete with the whole fam (plus some extended fam visiting from HONG KONG!). It was perfect, and my cousins brought presents from their recent trip to Europe. I got a precious Harrod's apron (must write that Thank you note!).

This week has been a little lackluster. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I am definitely a little down. I just feel like I haven't really improved that much since the beginning of the year. I still have kids just act crazo, and it makes me sad. Mostly, I think I've been worrying about next year and realizing that my own classroom will soon be a reality. I try to psych myself up and pray a LOT, but I still worry. What if I am just awful and they don't learn anything? What if my kids hate me? Can I keep my school's high expectations? What if the classroom is chaos? Oh me, oh my. I just don't want to disappoint anyone. whoosh... breathe in, breathe out. It will all be okay. It will all be okay.

Hope you're having a good week and all ready looking towards the weekend. I have LL's prom and my first wedding of wedding season, so I'm super pumped. Have a good day!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Please pray!

I am safe in Brentwood/Nashville, but there are so many Tennesseans who are not today. Please pray that it will stop raining and that all who need help will receive it! I am completely awestruck at the complete destruction in some of Nashville's communities. I just thank God that I made it home safely yesterday (even though I had to ditch Granny the car) and that so far have water, electricity, etc.

If you are thinking of getting out and about today anywhere in central TN, go back home! It's insane out there! Say a prayer!

Friday, April 30, 2010

End of the year...almost!

We are so close to the end of the year. My school is all about teaching until the very end, and I totally agree. Our kids are very behind, and we cannot afford to blow off a month of school.

However, it is taking great effort on my part to stay focused and driven. It's so easy to lower expectations and just kind of coast through the last couple of weeks. The kids are expecting that, and I am feeling it. Our state testing ended last Friday (the 23rd). We have another round of tests May 10-14. I am thinking it will get even harder to stay focused once those are over. The kids are asking me why we come back after testing, and a small part of me agrees. I would like to push back state testing, I think. I mean, student performance also begins to slack off, so maybe it's good to have it earlier.

Whoops. Fire Drill. 10 minutes of planning... It's okay, I really wasn't planning anyway. I was looking at blogs. :)

Have a happy weekend! I was supposed to have a relaxing one involving lounging around and doing nothing. Somehow, that has disappeared, but still--no traveling, no packing bags. I can just cruise around Nashville in granny the car. That's a happy thing!

Monday, April 26, 2010

What a weekend!

This weekend was COMPLETELY packed! I mean, I was in Lex and SOOO wanted to visit friends. However, from 1:30 pm on Saturday till 4pm on Sunday, I was doing nothing but wedding showers. 3 in 24 hours may just be a record, and I co-hosted two of them.

Woosh. It was intense, but they all went so well, and it was sooo happy. I did get to see some friends (as part of the showers), and it was sooo wonderful to catch up. It's so awesome when you hangout a friend you haven't seen in a YEAR, and you're as close as you were when you lived together. Love to my Lincoln County ladies! I had so much fun with you this weekend! (I have used "sooo" way too many times all ready--sooo annoying!)

I had a great time at all the showers, but I actually got to relax some at the one on Sunday that I did not help host. It was so fun just to visit with people I hadn't seen/talked to in forever. I especially enjoyed visiting with many of my former teachers.

I mean, I was unusually blessed with teachers. I know I had some of the best ones ever. I had all female teachers until middle school, so almost all of my favorites are ladies. As I was talking to some of these ladies on Sunday, I got to thinking about what a huge impact they had on me. I would have done anything to impress them and to help them. They were such role models, and I used to hang on every word they said. They are still ladies that I look up to, and it's so crazy to think that I am now a teacher. (I can't imagine how this makes them feel.)

It got me thinking about how I measure up. These ladies were so calm, cool, and collected. Their classes ran smoothly, and I remember them teaching with such finesse. I knew the teachers I loved also loved me. They didn't pet on me (I had some of those, and they really are not my favorites), and they didn't show favoritism. They loved all of us (or so it appeared to me). They were also tough. In high school, I had many teachers who just wanted to be my friend and be cool. My favorites were always the teachers who held me to high expectations. And when one of them was disappointed in me--oh, brother. Nothing (except disappointing my parents) was worse.

Thinking about these teachers reminds me about the kind of teacher I want to become. Hope you're having a happy Monday!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hola and Happy Thursday!

Can you believe it's all ready Thursday? It's easier for me this week, because I took a sick day on Tuesday. (My first one since the swine flu in September). I have had just gross drainage, sore throat, and allergy issues since last weekend.

I am feeling lots better but I still have a lingering itchy cough. It just pops out, and my kids (being paranoid of ALL diseases) are very concerned that I am still sick/contagious. I never know if I spell contagious right, but spellcheck says that it's okay.

Anyway, it's been a happy week, with dinner last night with a teacher friend + Target. Monday and Tuesday were totally chill (I even missed Bible Study on Tuesday night). Tonight, I'm going to stay late for a visitation and then go home and work on Lipscomb jazz. On Friday, I am going HOME for shower numero dos. I'm pumped, but I hope it doesn't rain. Sunday is another shower for a friend, so lots of wedding-y stuff all weekend.

Next week is the big state test week at my school. Please say a prayer for my little bees as they try their best and for the teachers who are getting gray hairs hoping they don't forget everything they know. State tests = stress. And then the weekend after that = MAJOR STRESS, when I am hosting (or co-hosting) not one but TWO wedding showers/luncheons. I need to store up my energy and get way ahead in planning to get ready.

Cheerio, and hope you are having a lovely day!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am so blessed.

So I'm sitting here today on this GORGEOUS spring time Sunday. I am a little puny, yes. I woke up and showered for church and then had to get back in bed. This was very sad.

However, the extra sleep has made me feel at least 89.5% better. I mean, I slept from 11ish--9 am this morning. And then I went back to sleep from 9:45 am - 1 pm. Whoosh.

Now, I am feeling pretty good but my voice still sounds kaput.

Cutting through all the sickness and wah-wah, I am so thankful. Here are 10 things that I am super thankful for and blessed with:

10. Being able to sleep in on the weekends.

9. Perfect sunny days that do not go above 85 degrees (I love this weather right now)

8. Sonic tea -- half sweet and half unsweet with light ice (cut in half is what we call it at my sonic at school)

7. Being able to have 25 minute phone conversations with friends you haven't talked to in weeks and it's like you still live together.

6. Feeling such happiness and joy when one of your besties gets engaged or BUYS A HOUSE! I just close my eyes and think about the first day I met them. wow. (Getting a little weepy) You think about how much you love that person and feel so excited for them. (YAY JS!)

5. Wedding showers. Perfect opportunitiese/excuses to dress up, catch up, and eat up.

4. Weddings. It turns out wedding season is extending from May - September this year. (Go AP!)

3. Fans. Perfect white noise with a refreshing cool breeze.

2. Even knowing friends I have not talked to in way too long (EF, AP, JL) are still there and loving them from afar.

1. Being able to just close your eyes and thank God for putting all these amazing people in your life.

A list of ten is really not long enough. I could probably make a top 1000 list. Hope you're feeling thankful and blessed on this beautiful Sunday!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Spring!

It is so beautiful here! 80 degrees and sunny for the past two days. I could get used to it. It makes me think tulips and baby calves. :)

I cannot believe Easter is all ready over! Last Easter was so happy with the Easter party with the Garden Girls. This Easter was happy, too--I was with the fam and we celebrated Pop's birthday and did general Easter happiness. We were out Good Friday, so we had a long weekend, which somehow seemed to go even faster than a regular weekend. Now, I have nothing left to decorate for.

Those of you who know me well know that I like to decorate big for every holiday. Last April/May, I did (with KB's help) a whole graduation theme. This year, I'm drawing a blank. Maybe I can find some general "Happy Spring" decorations?? I don't know. I don't want a dismal house...

The little bees have been happy this week. We had some crazo power issues on Monday, but they still were okay. Today, all the little bees did well and I am loving them. I also met one of the new teachers who will be on my grade-level team next year. She was visiting on her spring break. She seems AWESOME and makes me excited to be on the same team with her.

In this season of tea invitations, pretty flowers, and fresh sweet tea, I hope you will take a moment to enjoy all your blessings. I am feeling pretty thankful today.

Quick serious note: One of my good teacher friends lost a parent this past weekend. Please keep the family in your prayers. Call your mom and dad and love on them.

Monday, March 29, 2010

New week = New weddings!

So I love weddings. I mean, I love them. I will go to a wedding of a complete stranger just to see the spectacle, try the cake, and dance at the reception.

However, even I am worried about my love of weddings after this summer. I mean, I am pumped for each one, and I would not miss a single one, but I have a wedding every weekend from the end of May through mid-July. Okay, maybe a teeny tiny bit of an exaggeration, but it's close. On the off weekends, I guarantee I will have wedding showers, LL's senior prom, and mother's day or graduations. My spring and summer are booked.

Plus, my school does 3 weeks of summer school in July. So, when wedding season is over, it is back to school for Miss P. It's going to be wild.

Let me break it down for you:
April 3 - Easter
April 10 - Lexington shower
April 17- BG shower
April 24- JG's shower + SJ's lingerie in Lex.
May 3 - Mother's Day
May 10 - SJ's graduation
May 15/16 - LL's prom and AM's wedding :)
May 22 - London shower
tiny break for last of school and Memorial Day
June weddings: SJ, JG, TG
July: HJ

I mean, I am not going to be in Nash for a whole weekend for all of April and most of May.

Am I complaining, though? No, I LOVE fun things and wouldn't change a day!

And, what I was going to originally post about...2 GREAT FRIENDS ARE NEWLY ENGAGED! I could not be happier for both of them! AP and CM, congrats, and I love you! I cannot wait for more weddings!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm back!

It's been way too long. I have all ready been on Spring Break and come back. (Naples...Hmm...) It was very happy.

I have all ready been back in school for almost a week. (Yes, it's Thursday!!)

And, now I am BACK to working on my blasted class assignments b.c my fourth and final certification class has started. It is not happy, and I do not care for the assignments so far.

However, things are going well. I have new little bees working on their reading that are continuing to make growth and that is very happy.

On a sadder note, one of my great-aunts passed away this week; she had been sick for a long time, so it was a blessing, but it still makes me a little blue. The funeral is today (which I am missing), and I have had her on my mind all day.

I used to stay with her quite a bit when we went to visit my grandparents. She had only sons, so she loved having girls to run around with. Her house was the first I had ever been in with a security system and motion detector. She used to make me use the bathroom before I went to sleep so I wouldn't set it off in the middle of the night. She lived alone, so I guess she was a little paranoid. Anywho, I remember one night (after we watched Larry King together--she's also the only person I have ever watched Larry King with.), I went to bed without going to the restroom. I was miserable the whole night and would have climbed out the window to go, but they were alarmed too. I don't know if I ever fell asleep. I didn't wet the bed, but I came very close. I never told her b.c I knew she would be mortified, but I still remember it like it was yesterday.

She was one cool lady, and I know she's in a better place. Not to get all sappy, but take a moment today to thank God for all the older ladies in your life. They are some of my favorite people. CHEERIO!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh Help me.

So I am really worried about next year. I am going to be a full classroom teacher, meaning I will be solely responsible for 25+ kids. By myself. You may ask, but Ms. P, you're all ready a teacher, why is this scary?!?!

Because, my friends, I have been working with small groups and only pushing in with the full classroom teacher all year. Beginning next year, it will be only me.

Here's the thing. I act all tough (sometimes--well actually, rarely), and my kids are not scared of me AT ALL! I am working on being scarier but I am really afraid that my classroom will be in CHAOS all of next year. Everyone is all: you'll be great, you're just nervous, it's a challenge, you've all ready had one year, etc. I don't think they know how bad I really am.

I mean, when it is a small group, I have control (usually). But these are five or six kids at a time, and I know them well. What will I do when I'm in a room with 28 new kids?!?! I mean I am having severe anxiety about this. I am trying just to pray. alot.

Like today, I had 6 little bees for reading group. I ask one to put up her keychain. Nothing. I ask her again. Nothing. I fuss at one for calling out. She jumps up and calls me "petty" (my kids' favorite word) and tells me how much she hates reading group. Oh my. I separate her. As I'm working to get her moved, another sweet little bee starts passing gas on purpose. It is loud and it stinks. This causes the other kids to flip out (of course). I separate him. Both are crying, mouthing, etc. I try to keep some semblance of order and help the others read. Little Bee #1 (with the keychain) continues to call out and swing her keychain. Another flips out over a bug on the floor. The other two just look at me, like how could you let this chaos happen?

Fail. And this is only 1/4 of the kids I will have next year. What am I going to do? I mean, this was a bad day, an unusually bad day. But what happens on the really bad days next year??

Pray for divine intervention.

Okay--so I just read all this and it sounds really bad. I should just say that this was the worst day so far this year. I am going to call all the parents, they're all missing recess, and it will be okay. I just have to work on doing better. My Tuesday is not ruined. :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Weekend!

11:21 on Friday. 3 hours and 39 minutes till the end of the day. Not quite the weekend though, because I have professional development tomorrow until around 3pm. A little sad, but I'm leaving straight from there to go HOME!!

Due to the Feb. pledge, it has been wayyyyyyyyy too long since I've been home. On Saturday evening, we're finally getting together with all the home friends to celebrate February birthdays. On Sunday, it is GRANNY'S 86th!!

I am so excited. We are doing church and then lunch with fam and friends on Sunday. I cannot wait. I am a little torn because I really wanted to get her something good but she made me promise that I wouldn't do gifts... I'm trying to figure out how to get around my promise. Maybe I can sell her something? Or barter? I am just pumped to see my fam and friends. WOOHOO!!

Hope you also have fun weekend plans!

PS On a more serious note, please say a prayer for a good family friend from church. Something went horribly wrong during an outpatient procedure, and she's now on life support from a brain aneurysm. Please pray for her and for her family.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

As I'm sitting here at lunch reading up on all my Blogs (and reading The Last Olympian--book 5 of Percy Jackson series), I decided to make a Tuesday Top 10. Those of you who know me well know I'm reading ALL THE TIME. These books include things I'm reading with my kids and on my own. Isn't it so perfect that I'm a reading teacher??

Here are some recent reads that made me happy. (They are in no particular order)

Top 10 Books I've Read Lately:

10. The Pretend Wife (Asher)

9. The Lightning Thief (Riordan)

8. Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter (Patton)

7. Losing Joe's Place (Korman)

6. Searching for Pemberley (Simonsen)

5. The Thief Lord (Funke)

4. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (Snicket--I'm on Book 5)

3. Finishing Touches (Browne, author of Little Lady Agency)

2. Sweet Liar (Deveraux, just re-read; one of my all-time faves!)

1. Brava, Valentine (Trigiani)

Hope you're having a lovely Tuesday!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Crazy times!

So this very short week has actually been really great. My bees have been excited about reading and ready to work.

However, I have had a couple of little bees who got a little crazy. This little incident occurred yesterday at the end of the day:

Bee #1 : (Shows me her arm that has scratch marks.) Look at my arm!
Bee #2 : Yea, I scratched her. She pushed me.
Ms. P : That is NOT okay.

I mean, they were just sitting there as calm as anything with me. So, I give them a thorough lecture about how disappointed I am, how we're a family here, etc. etc. They look properly chagrined, and I put them in detention. I let the principal know, who then told me he wanted them to stay for after school detention.

I go to tell Bee #1 this morning (very calmly), and she proceeds to turn her little head and walk away from me and say "I don't care." Well there. Man.

So, I follow her into the cafeteria. Once again, I am all normal and warm and fuzzy and pull her out of line. Now, I tell her how much I care about her and how it was disrespectful and hurt my feelings when she chooses to walk away from me. Now, full of drama, she says, "That's what they all say." (?!?!?!?!) And--get ready for this--the little bee WALKS AWAY AGAIN!

Now, I'm still calm. I'm probably too calm. In times like these, I often feel like I'm in a bad movie. Anywho, instead of following her again, I just let her go. I watch to make sure she is going somewhere safe (which she was) and let my team leader know. I let her cool off and then let the principal know.

Ultimately, Miss P won the battle. The little bee is currently sitting 10 feet away from me, where she will remain all day (or until she is sincerely apologetic). I am studiously ignoring her and hoping (praying) she will understand that what she did was very wrong. I mean I seriously love this child, which is why I care enough to make sure she gets it.

It's a lot of pressure. Trying to make a kid into a good citizen. Whoa.

Hope your day is also filled with small victories and happiness!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top 10 on Tuesday.

I love top 10 lists, so I thought I would do one on this chilly Tuesday. I am on snow day #8 or #9? I cannot even remember anymore, but snow days are wonderful times to relax. Those of you who know me know that I'm not stressed much. I try not to procrastinate or freak myself out. I'm generally a pretty easy going person. However, I do have some favorite ways to just enjoy the day. So, in honor of this snow day, I give you my Top 10 Favorite Things to do on a Snow Day (and really, any day):

10. Cut and organize coupons

9. Read (This is what I do the most!)

8. Call Granny (86 years of wisdom can usually give me some perspective)

7. Look at Facebook profiles (or randomly hit, "Next Blog" over and over and see all kinds of crazo blogs. It's really addicting--just ask L)

6. Call siblings or a bestie! (I love to have long, catch-up convos when I have time!)

5. Cook something, especially a dessert. (my fave is something simple like mystery bars or Derby pie)

4. Call mom.

3. Get a Pedicure (there's something about that massage chair!)

2. Get a massage. (Esp. one that does not cost a lot. Woo-hoo LHAA!)

1. Hold, rock, and/or feed a baby. There's something just so calming about this. If there are no babies around, just hanging out with small children will do. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quick reflection

It is now February 11th. Birthday season has passed. This makes me sad but also very happy. It has been a wonderful season. This past Sunday (the 7th), I was home with the fam for celebration. I am currently working towards the "February Pledge" where I spend every night in February in Nashville. Thus, I was only home for the day.

On Monday, I just had an ordinary school day (with one of my favorite little bees remembering all by himself!) and my kids sang and were sweet. Monday night is when things really got interesting. My roommates were taking me to OG (my FAVE!) and I was talking about how I wanted a snow day for my birthday. They were making fun of me since there was a 0% forecast of snow (all was supposed to be rain). Bahahaha, never underestimate the power of a birthday wish! We had a fantabulous dinner of zuppa and Shirley Temples, and lo and behold, THE SNOW started to FALL! We're talking huge flakes!

The ride home was almost treacherous, and I was so blissfully happy. Then, dearest L had made me a homemade "Blackout Cake" that I'd seen in one of her recipe books. They sang to me, and we all knew what I wished for (think white, cold, and wet). A took out the garbage (which was huge b.c of the snowy conditions), which also helped make my night. (Thanks guys for dinner, the Panera card, the cake, and the garbage takeout. I really do love you!).

However, this night wasn't over yet. Well, technically it was. However, my favorite gift of all was the one that came at 4:41 am the night after my birthday.


We were off on Tuesday, and I could not believe it! Then, to make it even sweeter, some fellow teacher lovelies took me out to the Puffy Muffin for lunch on the snow day. The day kept getting sweeter with Office re-runs and then Bible Study. Even last night (Wednesday), the birthday season continued with another teacher lovely buying me pizza at Pie in the Sky.

To summarize, this has been a most excellent birthday season, and my 23rd year is starting off well! (WEll, I guess 24th year?? Since I lived a year before I turned 1???)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Days...ARE OVER!

I just went back to school TODAY. It has been like a mini-winter break. We have been off since last Thursday and just came back on Wednesday. I was home (which was WONDERFUL) for the whole snow. It was so happy. I read three books, made Russian Tea Cakes (mmm...), and relaxed with the fam.

Actually, I was pretty ready to go back today. I mean, it was hard to get up this morning, but I immediately thought of KB's birthday and my future birithday serenade. I was planning this whole thing for lunch (the only time there are no little bees buzzing around). However, one of my tiny bees (Probably the smallest middle schooler in TN) had different ideas. She refused to participate today, so I let her rebel (knowing I would get my time later). I thought I would pull her for the beginning of lunch, make up her work, and still have time for my call. She decided that she wanted to spend the WHOLE lunch with me since she refused to eat, talk, read, ANYTHING for the first 20 minutes. I kept looking at the clock b.c this was TRULY my only time to make the call b.c of crazo scheduling.

We were in this battle where she was trying to make me lose my temper. I was trying to stay calm, wondering how I got to this place, and just wanting to make my call. I finally had to ask another teacher to keep an eye while I ran out for a MUCH abbreviated phone call (due to the little bee being in earshot). I hated to sing and make her lose all respect (plus ruin the tone of the disciplinary encounter), so I kept it short (Sorry KB).

Apparently, the other teachers thought this was some brilliant move to trick the little bee into complying. I was praying she would do the right thing b.c I really didn't know my next move. I come back in and mention calling her grandmother and how I'm really bummed I have to involve her. She starts water works and (after 35 minutes) picks up her work and completes it.

Score one for Miss P!! Tomorrow is all ready Thursday! Cheerio!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crazo Thursday!

Oh my word! I just had the parent meeting from Hades! Pray for my precious bees because some of their moms and dads are LOCO!

On a better note, somehow it is all ready Thursday. Where in the world did this week (and January) go?

Oh, and prayyyyy for snow! We're hoping for a snow day tomorrow! Lots of Love!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today has been interesting, and I'm just now eating lunch. I had to run out and get some blood drawn during my planning. It's just routine for a checkup, so I ran out (a little late) and barely made it on time.

Apparently, I have not so good veins (all you squeamish people should prb. stop reading now), so they had to "stick" me three times. Each time involved some needle wiggling, too (OUCH!). Anyway, the third time (on my hand!!!), everything started flowing well. About 30 seconds in, I start feeling seriously funky. I mean, the corners of my vision got cloudy, my head felt heavy, and my ears felt like they were plugged with cotton. SUUUPer weird. It felt like the people talking were on speakerphone. The little man was so sweet and tried to keep me calm by asking about my job. But I was like, whoa, something funky is going on. Old girl, the nurse slings a wet paper towel on my forehead and pushed my head against the wall.

ooooh I was struggling. I was trying so hard so stay with it. I wiggled my toes and tried to keep talking. In the end, I didn't pass all the way out, but I told him there was no way I could walk. Since I had taken a RIDICULOUS amount of time, there were like 15 old people outside the doorway. They had to go get me a wheelchair and wheel me down the hall to a room. There, they made me recline and put my feet up. They made me stay for about 15 minutes (and it took that long to even feel semi-normal again). As they wheeled me (mortifyingly!) through the throng of old people I heard:

"Is she okay?"
"She does not look good."
"Oh, Lord, she is going to pass out." That last one was my favorite.

Thankfully, I made it out. Next time, I will definitely eat before I go. :)

I have a little bit of a pounding headache so am taking a few quiet moments at my desk to get things together. Whooosh. Hope you're Tuesday is going a little better than mine!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fastest week EVERRRR!!

I cannot believe it is Friday. This has been the fastest week ever! And it has been really happy. I mean, every day has been a good day. I am just really thankful because I was really worried about this semester.

I am working with new groups of kids, and I was worried about leaving some of my babies. I still worry, but I'm able to check in with most of them. My new groups are quite a bit higher than last semester, so I feel like I'm able to really push them. It's a good feelng.

I am pumped to be staying here this weekend so I can really get caught up with planning and homework. My class is online for this quarter, which means no more night class for a while. (sooo happy!) I may end up running home on Sunday afternoon, but I am going to try to really use this weekend to be productive.

This is a really scattered post, but I'm running to lunch! Hope you have had a happy week, too!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ode to a Snow Day!

Oh happy, blissful day.
The snow, it falls in such a peaceful way.
Last night, I was unsure and afraid--
I did not know when the call would be made.
At 9:43 p.m. on the dot,
I received a text and believed it not.
I checked online and on TV
finally confirmed and filled with glee.

I went to bed, so happy and relaxed.
Today, I've been productive to the max.
Taking down Christmas and ready to play--
I put up the happiness of Valentine's day!

Could it happen, what my kiddos said yesterday--
We won't have school till Monday?
I can only pray, can only hope.
If we go in, I will do nothing but mope.

As a student, the snow day was fun and filled with mirth.
As a teacher, it is heaven on Earth!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm back!!!!

Welp after a nice long hiatus, I am BACK! The past two weeks were amazing! Christmas with the fam has never been better. We got all of our cookie baking, gingerbread house-making, and card sending done in record time. It was so nice just to be able to relax and enjoy quality time with family and friends. The Christmas eve candlelight service at LH was definitely one of the highpoints. I look forward to that all year.

New Year's was wonderful as usual, with the annual party and pots-n-pans parade at granny's. I was afraid she was not going to feel up to the party (and she did go lay down for part of it), but I think she enjoyed having everyone over.

After a couple of more blissfully relaxing days, I am back at school. I have an easy couple of days since I am figuring out my new schedule, but it's going to get pretty intense pretty quickly. Wish me luck, and pray that we have snow this week! WOOHOO!!