Monday, April 26, 2010

What a weekend!

This weekend was COMPLETELY packed! I mean, I was in Lex and SOOO wanted to visit friends. However, from 1:30 pm on Saturday till 4pm on Sunday, I was doing nothing but wedding showers. 3 in 24 hours may just be a record, and I co-hosted two of them.

Woosh. It was intense, but they all went so well, and it was sooo happy. I did get to see some friends (as part of the showers), and it was sooo wonderful to catch up. It's so awesome when you hangout a friend you haven't seen in a YEAR, and you're as close as you were when you lived together. Love to my Lincoln County ladies! I had so much fun with you this weekend! (I have used "sooo" way too many times all ready--sooo annoying!)

I had a great time at all the showers, but I actually got to relax some at the one on Sunday that I did not help host. It was so fun just to visit with people I hadn't seen/talked to in forever. I especially enjoyed visiting with many of my former teachers.

I mean, I was unusually blessed with teachers. I know I had some of the best ones ever. I had all female teachers until middle school, so almost all of my favorites are ladies. As I was talking to some of these ladies on Sunday, I got to thinking about what a huge impact they had on me. I would have done anything to impress them and to help them. They were such role models, and I used to hang on every word they said. They are still ladies that I look up to, and it's so crazy to think that I am now a teacher. (I can't imagine how this makes them feel.)

It got me thinking about how I measure up. These ladies were so calm, cool, and collected. Their classes ran smoothly, and I remember them teaching with such finesse. I knew the teachers I loved also loved me. They didn't pet on me (I had some of those, and they really are not my favorites), and they didn't show favoritism. They loved all of us (or so it appeared to me). They were also tough. In high school, I had many teachers who just wanted to be my friend and be cool. My favorites were always the teachers who held me to high expectations. And when one of them was disappointed in me--oh, brother. Nothing (except disappointing my parents) was worse.

Thinking about these teachers reminds me about the kind of teacher I want to become. Hope you're having a happy Monday!

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