Friday, April 30, 2010

End of the year...almost!

We are so close to the end of the year. My school is all about teaching until the very end, and I totally agree. Our kids are very behind, and we cannot afford to blow off a month of school.

However, it is taking great effort on my part to stay focused and driven. It's so easy to lower expectations and just kind of coast through the last couple of weeks. The kids are expecting that, and I am feeling it. Our state testing ended last Friday (the 23rd). We have another round of tests May 10-14. I am thinking it will get even harder to stay focused once those are over. The kids are asking me why we come back after testing, and a small part of me agrees. I would like to push back state testing, I think. I mean, student performance also begins to slack off, so maybe it's good to have it earlier.

Whoops. Fire Drill. 10 minutes of planning... It's okay, I really wasn't planning anyway. I was looking at blogs. :)

Have a happy weekend! I was supposed to have a relaxing one involving lounging around and doing nothing. Somehow, that has disappeared, but still--no traveling, no packing bags. I can just cruise around Nashville in granny the car. That's a happy thing!

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