Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Weekend!

11:21 on Friday. 3 hours and 39 minutes till the end of the day. Not quite the weekend though, because I have professional development tomorrow until around 3pm. A little sad, but I'm leaving straight from there to go HOME!!

Due to the Feb. pledge, it has been wayyyyyyyyy too long since I've been home. On Saturday evening, we're finally getting together with all the home friends to celebrate February birthdays. On Sunday, it is GRANNY'S 86th!!

I am so excited. We are doing church and then lunch with fam and friends on Sunday. I cannot wait. I am a little torn because I really wanted to get her something good but she made me promise that I wouldn't do gifts... I'm trying to figure out how to get around my promise. Maybe I can sell her something? Or barter? I am just pumped to see my fam and friends. WOOHOO!!

Hope you also have fun weekend plans!

PS On a more serious note, please say a prayer for a good family friend from church. Something went horribly wrong during an outpatient procedure, and she's now on life support from a brain aneurysm. Please pray for her and for her family.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

As I'm sitting here at lunch reading up on all my Blogs (and reading The Last Olympian--book 5 of Percy Jackson series), I decided to make a Tuesday Top 10. Those of you who know me well know I'm reading ALL THE TIME. These books include things I'm reading with my kids and on my own. Isn't it so perfect that I'm a reading teacher??

Here are some recent reads that made me happy. (They are in no particular order)

Top 10 Books I've Read Lately:

10. The Pretend Wife (Asher)

9. The Lightning Thief (Riordan)

8. Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter (Patton)

7. Losing Joe's Place (Korman)

6. Searching for Pemberley (Simonsen)

5. The Thief Lord (Funke)

4. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (Snicket--I'm on Book 5)

3. Finishing Touches (Browne, author of Little Lady Agency)

2. Sweet Liar (Deveraux, just re-read; one of my all-time faves!)

1. Brava, Valentine (Trigiani)

Hope you're having a lovely Tuesday!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Crazy times!

So this very short week has actually been really great. My bees have been excited about reading and ready to work.

However, I have had a couple of little bees who got a little crazy. This little incident occurred yesterday at the end of the day:

Bee #1 : (Shows me her arm that has scratch marks.) Look at my arm!
Bee #2 : Yea, I scratched her. She pushed me.
Ms. P : That is NOT okay.

I mean, they were just sitting there as calm as anything with me. So, I give them a thorough lecture about how disappointed I am, how we're a family here, etc. etc. They look properly chagrined, and I put them in detention. I let the principal know, who then told me he wanted them to stay for after school detention.

I go to tell Bee #1 this morning (very calmly), and she proceeds to turn her little head and walk away from me and say "I don't care." Well there. Man.

So, I follow her into the cafeteria. Once again, I am all normal and warm and fuzzy and pull her out of line. Now, I tell her how much I care about her and how it was disrespectful and hurt my feelings when she chooses to walk away from me. Now, full of drama, she says, "That's what they all say." (?!?!?!?!) And--get ready for this--the little bee WALKS AWAY AGAIN!

Now, I'm still calm. I'm probably too calm. In times like these, I often feel like I'm in a bad movie. Anywho, instead of following her again, I just let her go. I watch to make sure she is going somewhere safe (which she was) and let my team leader know. I let her cool off and then let the principal know.

Ultimately, Miss P won the battle. The little bee is currently sitting 10 feet away from me, where she will remain all day (or until she is sincerely apologetic). I am studiously ignoring her and hoping (praying) she will understand that what she did was very wrong. I mean I seriously love this child, which is why I care enough to make sure she gets it.

It's a lot of pressure. Trying to make a kid into a good citizen. Whoa.

Hope your day is also filled with small victories and happiness!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top 10 on Tuesday.

I love top 10 lists, so I thought I would do one on this chilly Tuesday. I am on snow day #8 or #9? I cannot even remember anymore, but snow days are wonderful times to relax. Those of you who know me know that I'm not stressed much. I try not to procrastinate or freak myself out. I'm generally a pretty easy going person. However, I do have some favorite ways to just enjoy the day. So, in honor of this snow day, I give you my Top 10 Favorite Things to do on a Snow Day (and really, any day):

10. Cut and organize coupons

9. Read (This is what I do the most!)

8. Call Granny (86 years of wisdom can usually give me some perspective)

7. Look at Facebook profiles (or randomly hit, "Next Blog" over and over and see all kinds of crazo blogs. It's really addicting--just ask L)

6. Call siblings or a bestie! (I love to have long, catch-up convos when I have time!)

5. Cook something, especially a dessert. (my fave is something simple like mystery bars or Derby pie)

4. Call mom.

3. Get a Pedicure (there's something about that massage chair!)

2. Get a massage. (Esp. one that does not cost a lot. Woo-hoo LHAA!)

1. Hold, rock, and/or feed a baby. There's something just so calming about this. If there are no babies around, just hanging out with small children will do. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quick reflection

It is now February 11th. Birthday season has passed. This makes me sad but also very happy. It has been a wonderful season. This past Sunday (the 7th), I was home with the fam for celebration. I am currently working towards the "February Pledge" where I spend every night in February in Nashville. Thus, I was only home for the day.

On Monday, I just had an ordinary school day (with one of my favorite little bees remembering all by himself!) and my kids sang and were sweet. Monday night is when things really got interesting. My roommates were taking me to OG (my FAVE!) and I was talking about how I wanted a snow day for my birthday. They were making fun of me since there was a 0% forecast of snow (all was supposed to be rain). Bahahaha, never underestimate the power of a birthday wish! We had a fantabulous dinner of zuppa and Shirley Temples, and lo and behold, THE SNOW started to FALL! We're talking huge flakes!

The ride home was almost treacherous, and I was so blissfully happy. Then, dearest L had made me a homemade "Blackout Cake" that I'd seen in one of her recipe books. They sang to me, and we all knew what I wished for (think white, cold, and wet). A took out the garbage (which was huge b.c of the snowy conditions), which also helped make my night. (Thanks guys for dinner, the Panera card, the cake, and the garbage takeout. I really do love you!).

However, this night wasn't over yet. Well, technically it was. However, my favorite gift of all was the one that came at 4:41 am the night after my birthday.


We were off on Tuesday, and I could not believe it! Then, to make it even sweeter, some fellow teacher lovelies took me out to the Puffy Muffin for lunch on the snow day. The day kept getting sweeter with Office re-runs and then Bible Study. Even last night (Wednesday), the birthday season continued with another teacher lovely buying me pizza at Pie in the Sky.

To summarize, this has been a most excellent birthday season, and my 23rd year is starting off well! (WEll, I guess 24th year?? Since I lived a year before I turned 1???)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Days...ARE OVER!

I just went back to school TODAY. It has been like a mini-winter break. We have been off since last Thursday and just came back on Wednesday. I was home (which was WONDERFUL) for the whole snow. It was so happy. I read three books, made Russian Tea Cakes (mmm...), and relaxed with the fam.

Actually, I was pretty ready to go back today. I mean, it was hard to get up this morning, but I immediately thought of KB's birthday and my future birithday serenade. I was planning this whole thing for lunch (the only time there are no little bees buzzing around). However, one of my tiny bees (Probably the smallest middle schooler in TN) had different ideas. She refused to participate today, so I let her rebel (knowing I would get my time later). I thought I would pull her for the beginning of lunch, make up her work, and still have time for my call. She decided that she wanted to spend the WHOLE lunch with me since she refused to eat, talk, read, ANYTHING for the first 20 minutes. I kept looking at the clock b.c this was TRULY my only time to make the call b.c of crazo scheduling.

We were in this battle where she was trying to make me lose my temper. I was trying to stay calm, wondering how I got to this place, and just wanting to make my call. I finally had to ask another teacher to keep an eye while I ran out for a MUCH abbreviated phone call (due to the little bee being in earshot). I hated to sing and make her lose all respect (plus ruin the tone of the disciplinary encounter), so I kept it short (Sorry KB).

Apparently, the other teachers thought this was some brilliant move to trick the little bee into complying. I was praying she would do the right thing b.c I really didn't know my next move. I come back in and mention calling her grandmother and how I'm really bummed I have to involve her. She starts water works and (after 35 minutes) picks up her work and completes it.

Score one for Miss P!! Tomorrow is all ready Thursday! Cheerio!