Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Update on 2012

2012 so far:

  • G-lady is doing better, getting stronger after scaring us with a big fall. She will turn 22 on 2/29 (Leap Year baby!). I talk to her every night and visited all but one weekend in 2012. She is walking around like a young pup.

  • My bees are precious. I am still loving my second graders! :) I look forward to work everyday. Today, I felt crappy and stayed home. Two of them cried when I didn't come in. A couple had to go sit in other rooms to calm down. For the first time, I am actually considering looping up with my bees. They make me laugh. Recently, my cafeteria has been serving a lot of beans. So my kids have been a little gassy. After one too many eye-watering stink bombs, we have a new system. A child asks to "step out" before he or she needs to erm...toot. Now my kids will quietly ask to step out, and it's so precious. They laugh so hard at recess. They come in everyday and say "Good morning, Miss Parsley." I know what works for my bees. Some need humor, some need tough love, some just need a hug or a pat.

  • I love planning field trips! An awesome hotel just agreed to give my kids an awesome lunch. We are talking free ballroom, hotel tour, complimentary meal! I am so excited. I won a field trip grant, and I am trying to maximize these funds. I also have a college visit in the works.

  • Teaching where I teach is incredibly hard, and I pray a lot. Just tonight, I had a granny call to tell me they are being "put out." Everything will be put out on the street. Trust me when I say this is not her fault. She was helping out another child in my class, and now has problems finding anywhere to stay. Please pray that she and her granddaughter will find housing and not have to go to a shelter. I made some calls and gave her numbers to call. I called my principal, who recommended I pray. A lot. I have lost so many bees this year that I love so much due to homelessness. It's really hard to have them there and learning one day and then never see them again. Pray for my bees!

  • We booked a sister cruise. In 121 days, I am sailing away.

  • LL is doing great far far away. M scared us all when she was bumped the other day. She is doing well. And SJ and Hbs are also loving life. I am so thankful for 2012 so far. I will try to update you again soon!


Miss P