Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quick reflection

It is now February 11th. Birthday season has passed. This makes me sad but also very happy. It has been a wonderful season. This past Sunday (the 7th), I was home with the fam for celebration. I am currently working towards the "February Pledge" where I spend every night in February in Nashville. Thus, I was only home for the day.

On Monday, I just had an ordinary school day (with one of my favorite little bees remembering all by himself!) and my kids sang and were sweet. Monday night is when things really got interesting. My roommates were taking me to OG (my FAVE!) and I was talking about how I wanted a snow day for my birthday. They were making fun of me since there was a 0% forecast of snow (all was supposed to be rain). Bahahaha, never underestimate the power of a birthday wish! We had a fantabulous dinner of zuppa and Shirley Temples, and lo and behold, THE SNOW started to FALL! We're talking huge flakes!

The ride home was almost treacherous, and I was so blissfully happy. Then, dearest L had made me a homemade "Blackout Cake" that I'd seen in one of her recipe books. They sang to me, and we all knew what I wished for (think white, cold, and wet). A took out the garbage (which was huge b.c of the snowy conditions), which also helped make my night. (Thanks guys for dinner, the Panera card, the cake, and the garbage takeout. I really do love you!).

However, this night wasn't over yet. Well, technically it was. However, my favorite gift of all was the one that came at 4:41 am the night after my birthday.


We were off on Tuesday, and I could not believe it! Then, to make it even sweeter, some fellow teacher lovelies took me out to the Puffy Muffin for lunch on the snow day. The day kept getting sweeter with Office re-runs and then Bible Study. Even last night (Wednesday), the birthday season continued with another teacher lovely buying me pizza at Pie in the Sky.

To summarize, this has been a most excellent birthday season, and my 23rd year is starting off well! (WEll, I guess 24th year?? Since I lived a year before I turned 1???)

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