Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Days...ARE OVER!

I just went back to school TODAY. It has been like a mini-winter break. We have been off since last Thursday and just came back on Wednesday. I was home (which was WONDERFUL) for the whole snow. It was so happy. I read three books, made Russian Tea Cakes (mmm...), and relaxed with the fam.

Actually, I was pretty ready to go back today. I mean, it was hard to get up this morning, but I immediately thought of KB's birthday and my future birithday serenade. I was planning this whole thing for lunch (the only time there are no little bees buzzing around). However, one of my tiny bees (Probably the smallest middle schooler in TN) had different ideas. She refused to participate today, so I let her rebel (knowing I would get my time later). I thought I would pull her for the beginning of lunch, make up her work, and still have time for my call. She decided that she wanted to spend the WHOLE lunch with me since she refused to eat, talk, read, ANYTHING for the first 20 minutes. I kept looking at the clock b.c this was TRULY my only time to make the call b.c of crazo scheduling.

We were in this battle where she was trying to make me lose my temper. I was trying to stay calm, wondering how I got to this place, and just wanting to make my call. I finally had to ask another teacher to keep an eye while I ran out for a MUCH abbreviated phone call (due to the little bee being in earshot). I hated to sing and make her lose all respect (plus ruin the tone of the disciplinary encounter), so I kept it short (Sorry KB).

Apparently, the other teachers thought this was some brilliant move to trick the little bee into complying. I was praying she would do the right thing b.c I really didn't know my next move. I come back in and mention calling her grandmother and how I'm really bummed I have to involve her. She starts water works and (after 35 minutes) picks up her work and completes it.

Score one for Miss P!! Tomorrow is all ready Thursday! Cheerio!

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