Monday, March 29, 2010

New week = New weddings!

So I love weddings. I mean, I love them. I will go to a wedding of a complete stranger just to see the spectacle, try the cake, and dance at the reception.

However, even I am worried about my love of weddings after this summer. I mean, I am pumped for each one, and I would not miss a single one, but I have a wedding every weekend from the end of May through mid-July. Okay, maybe a teeny tiny bit of an exaggeration, but it's close. On the off weekends, I guarantee I will have wedding showers, LL's senior prom, and mother's day or graduations. My spring and summer are booked.

Plus, my school does 3 weeks of summer school in July. So, when wedding season is over, it is back to school for Miss P. It's going to be wild.

Let me break it down for you:
April 3 - Easter
April 10 - Lexington shower
April 17- BG shower
April 24- JG's shower + SJ's lingerie in Lex.
May 3 - Mother's Day
May 10 - SJ's graduation
May 15/16 - LL's prom and AM's wedding :)
May 22 - London shower
tiny break for last of school and Memorial Day
June weddings: SJ, JG, TG
July: HJ

I mean, I am not going to be in Nash for a whole weekend for all of April and most of May.

Am I complaining, though? No, I LOVE fun things and wouldn't change a day!

And, what I was going to originally post about...2 GREAT FRIENDS ARE NEWLY ENGAGED! I could not be happier for both of them! AP and CM, congrats, and I love you! I cannot wait for more weddings!

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