Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The refreshing-ness that is Fall Break!

Oh fall break--
what happiness you make!
I love to sleep, vacation, and rest.
The timing in October happens just when it's best.
This FB, I went to Disney,
massage, the rides, Grand Floridian, incurred my family's envy.
Now, I'm back and it's Tuesday night.
Thinking about Sunday gives me a fright!
My main concern--oh, what will I do?
When I head back on Monday with the middle school crew...

Hope you are finding some time to rest this October. Fall is my favorite season, and I'm sitting up late watching episodes of House that I've missed and thinking how the rest of this week needs to continue to be refreshing body, mind, and soul.

October is widely held to be the most stressful/discouraging/ready to quit time for a teacher, so I'm hoping that with Fall Break's help, I can make it through. Lots of love!