Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am so blessed.

So I'm sitting here today on this GORGEOUS spring time Sunday. I am a little puny, yes. I woke up and showered for church and then had to get back in bed. This was very sad.

However, the extra sleep has made me feel at least 89.5% better. I mean, I slept from 11ish--9 am this morning. And then I went back to sleep from 9:45 am - 1 pm. Whoosh.

Now, I am feeling pretty good but my voice still sounds kaput.

Cutting through all the sickness and wah-wah, I am so thankful. Here are 10 things that I am super thankful for and blessed with:

10. Being able to sleep in on the weekends.

9. Perfect sunny days that do not go above 85 degrees (I love this weather right now)

8. Sonic tea -- half sweet and half unsweet with light ice (cut in half is what we call it at my sonic at school)

7. Being able to have 25 minute phone conversations with friends you haven't talked to in weeks and it's like you still live together.

6. Feeling such happiness and joy when one of your besties gets engaged or BUYS A HOUSE! I just close my eyes and think about the first day I met them. wow. (Getting a little weepy) You think about how much you love that person and feel so excited for them. (YAY JS!)

5. Wedding showers. Perfect opportunitiese/excuses to dress up, catch up, and eat up.

4. Weddings. It turns out wedding season is extending from May - September this year. (Go AP!)

3. Fans. Perfect white noise with a refreshing cool breeze.

2. Even knowing friends I have not talked to in way too long (EF, AP, JL) are still there and loving them from afar.

1. Being able to just close your eyes and thank God for putting all these amazing people in your life.

A list of ten is really not long enough. I could probably make a top 1000 list. Hope you're feeling thankful and blessed on this beautiful Sunday!

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