Monday, March 29, 2010

New week = New weddings!

So I love weddings. I mean, I love them. I will go to a wedding of a complete stranger just to see the spectacle, try the cake, and dance at the reception.

However, even I am worried about my love of weddings after this summer. I mean, I am pumped for each one, and I would not miss a single one, but I have a wedding every weekend from the end of May through mid-July. Okay, maybe a teeny tiny bit of an exaggeration, but it's close. On the off weekends, I guarantee I will have wedding showers, LL's senior prom, and mother's day or graduations. My spring and summer are booked.

Plus, my school does 3 weeks of summer school in July. So, when wedding season is over, it is back to school for Miss P. It's going to be wild.

Let me break it down for you:
April 3 - Easter
April 10 - Lexington shower
April 17- BG shower
April 24- JG's shower + SJ's lingerie in Lex.
May 3 - Mother's Day
May 10 - SJ's graduation
May 15/16 - LL's prom and AM's wedding :)
May 22 - London shower
tiny break for last of school and Memorial Day
June weddings: SJ, JG, TG
July: HJ

I mean, I am not going to be in Nash for a whole weekend for all of April and most of May.

Am I complaining, though? No, I LOVE fun things and wouldn't change a day!

And, what I was going to originally post about...2 GREAT FRIENDS ARE NEWLY ENGAGED! I could not be happier for both of them! AP and CM, congrats, and I love you! I cannot wait for more weddings!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm back!

It's been way too long. I have all ready been on Spring Break and come back. (Naples...Hmm...) It was very happy.

I have all ready been back in school for almost a week. (Yes, it's Thursday!!)

And, now I am BACK to working on my blasted class assignments b.c my fourth and final certification class has started. It is not happy, and I do not care for the assignments so far.

However, things are going well. I have new little bees working on their reading that are continuing to make growth and that is very happy.

On a sadder note, one of my great-aunts passed away this week; she had been sick for a long time, so it was a blessing, but it still makes me a little blue. The funeral is today (which I am missing), and I have had her on my mind all day.

I used to stay with her quite a bit when we went to visit my grandparents. She had only sons, so she loved having girls to run around with. Her house was the first I had ever been in with a security system and motion detector. She used to make me use the bathroom before I went to sleep so I wouldn't set it off in the middle of the night. She lived alone, so I guess she was a little paranoid. Anywho, I remember one night (after we watched Larry King together--she's also the only person I have ever watched Larry King with.), I went to bed without going to the restroom. I was miserable the whole night and would have climbed out the window to go, but they were alarmed too. I don't know if I ever fell asleep. I didn't wet the bed, but I came very close. I never told her b.c I knew she would be mortified, but I still remember it like it was yesterday.

She was one cool lady, and I know she's in a better place. Not to get all sappy, but take a moment today to thank God for all the older ladies in your life. They are some of my favorite people. CHEERIO!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh Help me.

So I am really worried about next year. I am going to be a full classroom teacher, meaning I will be solely responsible for 25+ kids. By myself. You may ask, but Ms. P, you're all ready a teacher, why is this scary?!?!

Because, my friends, I have been working with small groups and only pushing in with the full classroom teacher all year. Beginning next year, it will be only me.

Here's the thing. I act all tough (sometimes--well actually, rarely), and my kids are not scared of me AT ALL! I am working on being scarier but I am really afraid that my classroom will be in CHAOS all of next year. Everyone is all: you'll be great, you're just nervous, it's a challenge, you've all ready had one year, etc. I don't think they know how bad I really am.

I mean, when it is a small group, I have control (usually). But these are five or six kids at a time, and I know them well. What will I do when I'm in a room with 28 new kids?!?! I mean I am having severe anxiety about this. I am trying just to pray. alot.

Like today, I had 6 little bees for reading group. I ask one to put up her keychain. Nothing. I ask her again. Nothing. I fuss at one for calling out. She jumps up and calls me "petty" (my kids' favorite word) and tells me how much she hates reading group. Oh my. I separate her. As I'm working to get her moved, another sweet little bee starts passing gas on purpose. It is loud and it stinks. This causes the other kids to flip out (of course). I separate him. Both are crying, mouthing, etc. I try to keep some semblance of order and help the others read. Little Bee #1 (with the keychain) continues to call out and swing her keychain. Another flips out over a bug on the floor. The other two just look at me, like how could you let this chaos happen?

Fail. And this is only 1/4 of the kids I will have next year. What am I going to do? I mean, this was a bad day, an unusually bad day. But what happens on the really bad days next year??

Pray for divine intervention.

Okay--so I just read all this and it sounds really bad. I should just say that this was the worst day so far this year. I am going to call all the parents, they're all missing recess, and it will be okay. I just have to work on doing better. My Tuesday is not ruined. :)