Saturday, July 24, 2010

SHAMEfully neglected!

How can it possibly be 19 days since my last post? Ridiculous. I think it's a testament to how crazy my life has been. I know everyone has their own brand of crazy, but July has been even wilder than wedding season in full swing. Jeez la peez.

Anywho I have officially completed my first week as a real, grown-up teacher. My students seem to be doing okay, and I am making it. Definitely no miracle prodigy teacher, but I think I am getting better. My little bees didn't heckle me out of the room in tears, which I was a little afraid of. There are still lots of things I need to work on (pencil sharpener--why didn't someone tell me what a huge deal that was?!?!), including the fact I have a couple of bees who will just jump up in the middle of my lesson and start dancing. However, overall, I am feeling positive. That sentiment is after 7 days of instruction. Let me just say that no one can understand the EXTREME nervousness the night before and the morning of your first day of teaching. I was nearly irrational and shaking I was so nervous. I am not a crier, but I almost broke down the night before I was so freaked out. I was trying to pray through it, and I know God was watching out for me. But I was a nervous wreck...

Today, I finished up taking my Praxis tests (5th and final, as long as I passed!) and finished up my 6th certification/masters class. (4 classes to go!) Earlier this week, I submitted my portfolio to apply for certification. These were all huge projects that were really weighing on me. Whoosh. Now, SJ is married. M is about to be back from her summer job in Louisville, and LL is getting pumped up for WKU and rush. I have 5 more days of summer school! Woohoo!! Then, I get until August 7th off! The fam may even be planning a spontaneous vacay. I am suuuper pumped.

I am really enjoying this weekend. Today, I saw Despicable Me (in 3d), which was AWESOME and ate at Carraba's for the first time. This past week, I have been in survival mode. Up at 4:50 am, to school by 6 and home around 7pm. I am also getting to know (and love) two new roommates, so we have had some rommate time. With all that, plus the jazz i listed in the paragraph above, I have not had time to turn around, much less water my geraniums. Today, I finally caught up with EF and LW. Now, I need to send some RSVPs and mail some bills. Unfortunately, it's 11:30 pm, and I just got brownies out of the oven and am falling asleep. Woot woot for paryting on Saturday night!!

Sleep well!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to School, back to school!!

Yep, that's right. My school goes back July 1st. This has all ready been a crazy start, as I had to lead a professional development on school culture this past Thursday. Suuuuper stressful--my school's whole leadership team was there. I did okay--maybe a little too silly and definitely too fast. On Friday, we had professional development all day, then I was home in the BG all weekend. Our counselor strong-armed the principal into giving us today (Monday, 7/5) off. It has been fabu. I came back to Nash around noon and have been cleaning and doing odd jobs since then.

I also (FINALLY!) returned some emails that I've been meaning to send. I am mega-pumped that some good friends are going to visit in the next couple of weeks (EF, BC, and hopefully KB!)and trying to focus on that and the reason I'm teaching to stay positive. I mean, I'm not down, but I'm definitely a little bummed. Most of my other teacher friends are looking forward to another whole month of poolside relaxation and I am back to school. I mean, it's nice to get back into routine, but getting up and teaching in July is kind of an adjustment.

Our kids come July 12th, so we have 4 more days this week of just faculty and staff PD. This is nice since it gives me a chance to get my classroom ready and whipped into shape before I get my new little bees. I am excited but nervous about my first days legit teaching a whole class. Plus, our summer school schedule is pretty scary with only a 25 minute lunch break from 8-2pm. It's going to fly by.

On a different note, I am very excited to welcome 2 new roommates to my little Nashville abode. O and L moved on to greener pastures (and I miss them!), and L and T moved in! They seem awesome so far, and we are settling in together. It's interesting to see how 2 new people change up a house. Since the 4th and final roommate just moved in today, I will have to keep you posted on what things change.

In other news, LL got a job at a salon in BG which is verra verra exciting. It's a little out of her comfort zone, but I think it's good for her. EF is coming back to the US for awhile. So, July is shaping up to be a pretty awesome month even if I am working 8-5 the whole time. Maybe I'll burn a CD with "9-5" on it. I do love me some Dolly.

Happy Independence Day lovelies!