Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top 10 on Tuesday.

I love top 10 lists, so I thought I would do one on this chilly Tuesday. I am on snow day #8 or #9? I cannot even remember anymore, but snow days are wonderful times to relax. Those of you who know me know that I'm not stressed much. I try not to procrastinate or freak myself out. I'm generally a pretty easy going person. However, I do have some favorite ways to just enjoy the day. So, in honor of this snow day, I give you my Top 10 Favorite Things to do on a Snow Day (and really, any day):

10. Cut and organize coupons

9. Read (This is what I do the most!)

8. Call Granny (86 years of wisdom can usually give me some perspective)

7. Look at Facebook profiles (or randomly hit, "Next Blog" over and over and see all kinds of crazo blogs. It's really addicting--just ask L)

6. Call siblings or a bestie! (I love to have long, catch-up convos when I have time!)

5. Cook something, especially a dessert. (my fave is something simple like mystery bars or Derby pie)

4. Call mom.

3. Get a Pedicure (there's something about that massage chair!)

2. Get a massage. (Esp. one that does not cost a lot. Woo-hoo LHAA!)

1. Hold, rock, and/or feed a baby. There's something just so calming about this. If there are no babies around, just hanging out with small children will do. :)

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