Friday, January 15, 2010

Fastest week EVERRRR!!

I cannot believe it is Friday. This has been the fastest week ever! And it has been really happy. I mean, every day has been a good day. I am just really thankful because I was really worried about this semester.

I am working with new groups of kids, and I was worried about leaving some of my babies. I still worry, but I'm able to check in with most of them. My new groups are quite a bit higher than last semester, so I feel like I'm able to really push them. It's a good feelng.

I am pumped to be staying here this weekend so I can really get caught up with planning and homework. My class is online for this quarter, which means no more night class for a while. (sooo happy!) I may end up running home on Sunday afternoon, but I am going to try to really use this weekend to be productive.

This is a really scattered post, but I'm running to lunch! Hope you have had a happy week, too!

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