Saturday, July 24, 2010

SHAMEfully neglected!

How can it possibly be 19 days since my last post? Ridiculous. I think it's a testament to how crazy my life has been. I know everyone has their own brand of crazy, but July has been even wilder than wedding season in full swing. Jeez la peez.

Anywho I have officially completed my first week as a real, grown-up teacher. My students seem to be doing okay, and I am making it. Definitely no miracle prodigy teacher, but I think I am getting better. My little bees didn't heckle me out of the room in tears, which I was a little afraid of. There are still lots of things I need to work on (pencil sharpener--why didn't someone tell me what a huge deal that was?!?!), including the fact I have a couple of bees who will just jump up in the middle of my lesson and start dancing. However, overall, I am feeling positive. That sentiment is after 7 days of instruction. Let me just say that no one can understand the EXTREME nervousness the night before and the morning of your first day of teaching. I was nearly irrational and shaking I was so nervous. I am not a crier, but I almost broke down the night before I was so freaked out. I was trying to pray through it, and I know God was watching out for me. But I was a nervous wreck...

Today, I finished up taking my Praxis tests (5th and final, as long as I passed!) and finished up my 6th certification/masters class. (4 classes to go!) Earlier this week, I submitted my portfolio to apply for certification. These were all huge projects that were really weighing on me. Whoosh. Now, SJ is married. M is about to be back from her summer job in Louisville, and LL is getting pumped up for WKU and rush. I have 5 more days of summer school! Woohoo!! Then, I get until August 7th off! The fam may even be planning a spontaneous vacay. I am suuuper pumped.

I am really enjoying this weekend. Today, I saw Despicable Me (in 3d), which was AWESOME and ate at Carraba's for the first time. This past week, I have been in survival mode. Up at 4:50 am, to school by 6 and home around 7pm. I am also getting to know (and love) two new roommates, so we have had some rommate time. With all that, plus the jazz i listed in the paragraph above, I have not had time to turn around, much less water my geraniums. Today, I finally caught up with EF and LW. Now, I need to send some RSVPs and mail some bills. Unfortunately, it's 11:30 pm, and I just got brownies out of the oven and am falling asleep. Woot woot for paryting on Saturday night!!

Sleep well!

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