Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hola and Happy Thursday!

Can you believe it's all ready Thursday? It's easier for me this week, because I took a sick day on Tuesday. (My first one since the swine flu in September). I have had just gross drainage, sore throat, and allergy issues since last weekend.

I am feeling lots better but I still have a lingering itchy cough. It just pops out, and my kids (being paranoid of ALL diseases) are very concerned that I am still sick/contagious. I never know if I spell contagious right, but spellcheck says that it's okay.

Anyway, it's been a happy week, with dinner last night with a teacher friend + Target. Monday and Tuesday were totally chill (I even missed Bible Study on Tuesday night). Tonight, I'm going to stay late for a visitation and then go home and work on Lipscomb jazz. On Friday, I am going HOME for shower numero dos. I'm pumped, but I hope it doesn't rain. Sunday is another shower for a friend, so lots of wedding-y stuff all weekend.

Next week is the big state test week at my school. Please say a prayer for my little bees as they try their best and for the teachers who are getting gray hairs hoping they don't forget everything they know. State tests = stress. And then the weekend after that = MAJOR STRESS, when I am hosting (or co-hosting) not one but TWO wedding showers/luncheons. I need to store up my energy and get way ahead in planning to get ready.

Cheerio, and hope you are having a lovely day!

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