Friday, February 19, 2010

Crazy times!

So this very short week has actually been really great. My bees have been excited about reading and ready to work.

However, I have had a couple of little bees who got a little crazy. This little incident occurred yesterday at the end of the day:

Bee #1 : (Shows me her arm that has scratch marks.) Look at my arm!
Bee #2 : Yea, I scratched her. She pushed me.
Ms. P : That is NOT okay.

I mean, they were just sitting there as calm as anything with me. So, I give them a thorough lecture about how disappointed I am, how we're a family here, etc. etc. They look properly chagrined, and I put them in detention. I let the principal know, who then told me he wanted them to stay for after school detention.

I go to tell Bee #1 this morning (very calmly), and she proceeds to turn her little head and walk away from me and say "I don't care." Well there. Man.

So, I follow her into the cafeteria. Once again, I am all normal and warm and fuzzy and pull her out of line. Now, I tell her how much I care about her and how it was disrespectful and hurt my feelings when she chooses to walk away from me. Now, full of drama, she says, "That's what they all say." (?!?!?!?!) And--get ready for this--the little bee WALKS AWAY AGAIN!

Now, I'm still calm. I'm probably too calm. In times like these, I often feel like I'm in a bad movie. Anywho, instead of following her again, I just let her go. I watch to make sure she is going somewhere safe (which she was) and let my team leader know. I let her cool off and then let the principal know.

Ultimately, Miss P won the battle. The little bee is currently sitting 10 feet away from me, where she will remain all day (or until she is sincerely apologetic). I am studiously ignoring her and hoping (praying) she will understand that what she did was very wrong. I mean I seriously love this child, which is why I care enough to make sure she gets it.

It's a lot of pressure. Trying to make a kid into a good citizen. Whoa.

Hope your day is also filled with small victories and happiness!

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