Thursday, November 19, 2009

I miss my friends.

For the first time since graduation, I am in that place where I am really missing my UK friends. I'm especially missing the sisters and the Garden Girls.

Until now, I have been too busy to think about it. But since Halloween (and memories of suuuuper fun date parties and trick-or-treat nights), I am a little blue without them. It's sad to hear M & S talking about eating at Gattitown together (which I have been known to go eat at alone--best salad bar in Lex) and not be there with them. It's sad watching football games/basketball and not being anywhere close. I mean, I was never a diehard fan, but it was so much fun just to be there. I miss running into old friends on campus. I miss always having someone to go eat Cracker Barrell with. I miss stopping by the Pizzle house and seeing the babies and Mom C. I miss going to church on Sunday without J & J. I miss KB and EF and our happy house times together. It was such a wonderful senior year.

Oh boo, I guess I'm just a little blue. :( I need to make some calls.

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