Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I cannot believe it's December!

Happy December! There are officially 24 days until Christmas, and I cannot believe it. This time last year, I was stressing about finals and Christmas parties. I had no idea that I had even gotten TFA. It's crazy to think about how quickly things can change...

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving break. I had an absolutely WONDERFUL time with family and friends. It was so happy just to do nothing for a few days. Now, I'm paying for it a little. I am putting in some late nights to get caught up, but slowly it's happening. I feel like I am going to blink, and it's going to be Christmas break. We get out the 17th! That's only 16 days away (12 school days--not that I've counted). I am sad because the year will be half over, but I'm also thrilled to get to go home and be with the fam.

I'm so pumped for these next few weeks because they are filled with fun things. Tonight, I'm going to a little ladies get together with my church. This weekend, I am packing the roomies up to Ky for granny's Christmas events :). The week before we get out we have our school Christmas Choir concert and my LAST night class. (PRAISE THE LORD!). I cannot wait for December 17th!!

To celebrate 2010, I have ordered and received my new planner. This is probably the best planner ever, with pages for day-to-day broken down by times. I have used it since freshman year of college. There are lots of fun colors, and you can get your name embossed for a small charge. I encourage anyone seeking a fun planner to check out the website. It may seem expensive, but when you divide the total over 12 months, you can see the value.


Hope you all are having a lovely start to December! Love!!

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