Friday, November 13, 2009


YAY! This has officially been the fastest week ever. Yesterday went by suuuper quickly even though I had night class till 9pm. I cannot believe it's Friday. I mean, I'm pumped, but I still cannot believe it.

One of my little bees is really pushing it today. I took away her drawing in reading class, and she went ballistic and refused to do anything till I gave it back. Ooooh boy, was she mad at me!?! Then, (as I'm trying to use logic and tell her she can have it back when her work is finished), the lead teacher just took it. I'm so glad. I was about to have to throw it away myself just to show her she couldn't act that way. Luckily, he was the bad guy. Now she's mad at both of us, and for once, I'm kind of enjoying it. She was all singing in the hallway. I said "Be quiet," She looked at me and rolled her eyes and kept singing. The teacher came down and said "Who is talking? They need detention." Old girl stopped, and I said "What did you say Mr. ___, I don't think _______ believes us."

Oooh. If looks could kill. :) Guess who was (at least a little) the bad guy?

Have a great weekend!

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