Monday, October 5, 2009

So far, so good!

Happy weekend with the fam! Lots of good Nashville eating (J. Alexanders, Dotson's, Vittles) and lots of exploration (the Hermitage, downtown Franklin, Henry Horton state park). All happy times, especially a special family experience on Sunday... :)

My dad's favorite part was the Hermitage (which was Andrew Jackson's home). He's a total history buff and was full of Old Hickory trivia. For mom, LL, and me trudging through the extensive farm/slave quarters/garden in the rain in church shoes was not the most fun. However, we have to make pops happy.

Mom and LL loved Franklin. The precious shops and restaurants. I visited Natticakes, which needs to be on anyone's list of Franklin-musts. Also, see Bathos, Shoppe on Main, and Lulu's. Sooo cute. My cousin (who lives there) even agreed it's almost creepy how cute it is.

Now, I'm back to school. All of the sickly teachers have returned, and things are back to normal. I am so thankful--I really missed them last week. My first group went SMASHINGLY, so here's hoping it's a happy week. Hope your Monday is going well, too!

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  1. Love how I knew what "LL" stood for...Am I ready to be an official Parsley yet?