Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Joker vs. Batman

So when I interviewed for my teaching job, one of the teachers told me that the hardest part of teaching was having to be the Joker. I laughed it off and moved on. But now, I'm starting to see.

It really stinks having to be the bad cop. Thus far in my life, I have been pretty successful at being the mediator/good guy/Batman. My LEAST favorite part of teaching is having to drop the hammer.

Now when a little bee is being truly bad and deserves a consequence, I have no problem. I can be tough. It's when one of the little bees does something wrong on accident or shows extreme remorse that I struggle. I cannot play favorites or move on--I have to give them a consequence, too. And then they look at you with those puppy eyes, "Miss P, why would you do this to me?" they cry out to me.

It's hard because I'm all trying to shape them into productive citizens, help develop their moral code, and be tough but fair (blah, blah, blah). I really just want to scoop them up and tell them I love them and buy them ice cream so they won't be mad at me. I mean, it's really hard to go from people pleaser to stern disciplinarian. I can tell stories where I'm all hardcore, but that's when I'm working with a bee that I really love that I struggle. :(

Anywho, these past two days have been a little blue just because I've had to be really tough with my little precious ones. Oh, and my new night class started, and it's much harder than anticipated. I am trying to focus on the positive FB glow, but it's rapidly fading. Say a prayer than I can handle the pressure of being Joker. Sleep well!

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