Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FLU + sick teachers = CRAZO bees

Flu has struck my school. I did my part by staying home for a WEEK, but somehow it has still made it. Major bummer since two core teachers are absent today. At my school, we don't do subs. Ever. Which means, crazo day for the teachers that are here. It's like the bees can pick up on the stress of the grown-ups and start acting like a hot. busted. mess. Hm...

They are pretty out of control today. I've valiantly tried to act normal and keep up the routines. But it's NOT working. They still are trying to get away with any and everything. SO, I've decided to hide for a little while. Poor sick teachers...poor well teachers.

On a happier note, I had leftover pizza and salad for lunch. It was scrumptious. I highly recommend Jet's Pizza on Nipper's Corner. Mmm! Wait, I'm teaching the kids to avoid forms of "be" in their writing. So, try again--My leftover pizza and salad tasted scrumptious. Better.

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