Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Monday!

I am so tough. I totally was mean today, and my kids totally went for it. I even called a parent tonight just to let her know about her busy bee. I mean, I'm still not the toughest teacher out there, but I'm starting to be more assertive and actually believe the bees will follow my directions. Victory!

Now, I'm watching House. Still haven't planted my mums or cleaned my bathroom. However, things are looking up. Oh, and my youngest sister ROCKED her thingy on Saturday. She was a star, and I'm so proud of her. Yesterday (Sunday) was one of the happiest ever. Amazing (and challenging) sermon and then complete relaxation with the fam. Then, I made it back in great time to school.

Let's all pray it's a happy week. I'm so blessed!

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