Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break!!

Can it really be that I've not updated my blog since January?!? Where did February and the first half of March go?

February flew by with more snow days, my birthday (woohoo in Nashville with roommates@OG/Bible study, Bowling Green with home friends and family for Superbowl Sunday, and Lexington for Greek Sing/birthday breakfast with more family). We celebrated two more b-days in Nashville with J turning 25 at the end of Feb. (PF Changs), and B turning 24 in March (Art Life). It was such a great month, and we also celebrated G's 87th birthday complete with the whole family and friends.

Beginnings of March flew by with a practice round of state testing. That finished last week, along with a field trip. Now, I am so thankful to be in sunny Florida. I have eaten seafood, been by the beach/pool, and read four books since Friday. It has been AMAZING!! I don't really want to ge ready to face reality: job applications, finishing grad school in June, and wrapping up my 4th and final quarter with my bees. I kind of just want to pretend I have nothing going on and stay in denial. When I start thinking about what next year looks like, I don't have any idea. I am just trying to pray and relax and give it to God.

Will it be kindergarten in Kentucky? Teaching second graders in Tennessee? Not sure, but I do think it's right to be in Nashville at least one more year. Mom and the fam want me back in Ky. We will see.

Hope you are having a wonderful week! Mmmmmm...sunset on the ocean.

Miss P

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