Saturday, August 25, 2012

Life update

Soooo it's been a couple of months...

I am sitting here watching "The Wedding Date," and trying to think about how to condense summer and August into one post. Hmmm... Maybe a top 10 list. Those are my favorite.

1. Sister cruise in June to kick off summer. So great. Perfect weather, food, ports.  Minimal fights.

2. Wedding season with 3 weddings in 24 hours. All very different but great food and fun at all.

3. Vacation Bible school, which is always one of my favorite parts of summer.

4. Great family time and nature time at Fall Creek Falls.

5. Epic move. Three years in one house and moving to a much smaller town home = major stress. However, it was good purging. There were lots of thrift store drops and massive trash drop offs. I am settling in wonderfully with a new roommate. And missing my former roomies a little too. 

6. Stayed at the same school. Moved classrooms. Even in my 4th year of teaching (how is it my 4th year??), organizing and decorating a classrooms has not gotten any easier. 

7. Supposed to have very small classes due to the extreme neediness of my community. I had a ton on my roster, thinking it would never actually happen. And it did. Plus a few more. Yikes. 

8. Eight. That's how many of my kids cried or had an emotional outburst on the first full day. Six - the number of kids I overheard wishing they could go back to their old teacher. Interesting. 

9. Still really overwhelmed. Just finished the third full week; things are going better, but this group is still huge and still very different than my kids from last year. Lots more emotional issues with several students with majorly traumatic pasts. Several students are living with court-assigned guardians, have aggressive tendencies, homeless, etc.  Pray for them. Pray for me. 

10. More to come. Now "Mean Girls" is on. I can't focus.

Much love!

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