Thursday, March 1, 2012


So thankful for my family today. And my job. I have felt crappy all week and been a little blue. Last year, one of our good friends lost her mom. A couple days ago, one of my closest home friends lost her dad. I have a cold. I guess I needed some perspective.

Anyway, thank you God.

I am thankful that last night I got a mani/pedi (via a Groupon) and had a really good lady. She gave me the best hand/leg massage. I saw an old friend from home and her presh fiancee. I used their bathroom, and there was a ladder in there. A man was sitting on top on plywood in the ceiling. I yell in "okay to come in here?" He says, "I'm on this plank. Come on in. I can't see anything." Hmm...what does it say about me that I totally went on in and used the bathroom?

I am thankful that I love my job. I have presh kiddos, and my principal likes me. I also love teaching younger kids. This afternoon, I bought us a cookie cake and had them write "Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!" You can't do that in middle school.

I am thankful that I am feeling better. I am thankful that LL is safe and texted us today. I am thankful M got her first grad school acceptance letter. I am thankful for last night's Modern Family. Now, I'm watching "The Office." I love funny things!

Oh, and I'm thankful that tomorrow is Friday. Have a happy night!

Much love,

Miss P

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