Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Greetings from 2011!

Watching Ellen, Regis & Kelly, the Doctors (some), and the Today Show have become routine since I've watched them 3 DAYS THIS WEEK! I seriously thought I would not see another Regis and Kelly (my FAVORITE!) until MLK day. However, nature thought differently!

I was in a WONDERFUL wedding this past weekend. It was so unique and fun and beautiful. One small element of its unique-ness was that it was on a Sunday evening (4 pm Union Station + Bound'ry reception!). I had been PRAYING that we would have a snow day on Monday because I knew I would be struggling after a weekend filled with LOTS of UK friends visiting. KB + RW, AJ, MF, and CMB. Soooo happy. God answered my prayers and gave us a snow day at about 2:46 am on Monday morning. PRAISE THE LORD! I put a couple of pics on FB just to show off my beautiful snowy day.

Fast forward to WEDNESDAY 3:28 pm. I have accomplished VERY little and snow is still on the ground. I mean, God really knows what I need. Last week was a huge struggle with a particular low point on last Thursday. We have lots of changes happening at school due to personnel changes, which is hard for the little bees and the teachers. I am so thankful to have this mini-winter-break to recharge and relax. Plus, we are going into another long weekend with MLK day on Monday.

My district built in 4 snow days and now has axed President's Day for the 5th. If we miss tomorrow, that will be number 6. The only thing is that I kind of wish all this snow day love was spread out a little bit instead of crammed into all one week. Plus, adding on days at the end of the year is NEVER fun. And, it's hard to maximize your relaxation when you have 3 days of nothing-ness. I mean, I have a brand spanking new Kindle sitting upstairs that I can't seem to muster up the energy to use. YIKES BIKES! Plus (and this should NEVER be shared with the general public), I went to bed on Sunday night banking on a snow day without even a hint of a lesson plan. Once again, fast forward to Wednesday 3:36 pm and still no lesson plan. 3 days to perfect my planning and plan till spring break, and I haven't even finished my lesson plan. Epic fail. Must do better. Maybe I should take a bubble bath to rejuvenate?

Check in with you soon--hope things are snowy wherever you are!!


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  1. Did not know you got a kindle!? Weren't you the one who said you could never see yourself with one bc you like physical books?! AH-HA caught ya!