Monday, August 31, 2009

Miraculous Monday?

Is it just me or our kids being really good today? I think there are record lows in our ISOlation Room. Maybe they are finally getting settled and becoming okay with the schedule. I definitely love our kiddos but they can be absolutely CRAZO sometimes.

Today was the first day I am actually following my pre-lunch schedule of push-ins. The first day went well but it was long. I thinking all those impromptu breaks I was taking are things of the past. We also had our first fire drill and it was so pretty outside that I didn't want to come back in.

Sometimes I feel bad that our kids don't get to go outside more often, especially on days like this where it's beautiful. Maybe I'm just happy because I had a lovely weekend at home, including swimming, time with the fam and friends, and lots of good food. That's making me thing of next weekend, which is going to be even better. Here's looking forward to a week from today---LABOR Day!!

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